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Friday, May 22, 2009

SX Vintage White Precision Bass

Another GAS extinguished. Have to see/feel/experience by myself what is all the rage about SX basses. Last night I got my vintage white SX Precision Bass at JB Music Park Square (Thanks Lee!). My initial impressions:

Nice fret works, no sprouts or sharp edges.
Neck to body joint is superb.
Surprisingly, the thickness of the neck is comfortable.
Tuning pegs and bridge are pretty standard quality for the price range.
The pick up is quiet but the volume is a bit soft.
Stock strings, well, it is light gauge :) I'll buy some Olympia flats this weekends.

Here are some pics:

All-in-all, this is indeed best value for our hard earned money :) More inputs to come once I have practiced/gigged with my band.

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