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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nifty NiX

I was asked if I can create a DVD/CD installer optimized for a targeted application [some LAMP and Java stuff (yes Java!)]. Being the impulsive, yes I can nut case, I readily accepted the challenge. I only realized (after creating RPMs and applying patches) that I am basically spinning my own Linux Distro! I'm aware of Fedora re-spins and other packaging what-nots, but it is only now that I'm actually getting my hands dirty.

Getting intimate with clean RPMs, that is, creating RPMs out of sources with third party patches. Oh, and that pesky beast called Java! Then again, the peskier, the more I'm challenged :). More RTFM sessions and more coffee to drink. Hoping that by April, I'm already one of those thousands who have successfully delved with distro-making.


And for the performance monitoring of systems, I came across with SystemTap. I'm still getting the hang of it. I'm also dubbing with writing some Nagios plug-ins (not really plug-ins but bash scripts on top of check_generic). People doesn't like me when I'm horny, err, busy :)


As promised, I found the link to the Zoom B2.1u cheat sheet, the pdf is located here.

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