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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Eddie Vedder: Into The Wild (Music For The Motion Picture)

Last Friday (October 26), I received the package from Ten Club. It contain a shirt and the album.

Now, for the review. This is the first solo album of Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder. The sound is far from regular Pearl Jam staple; the absence of 'grunge/dirt'. A folk-sy and soulful ride that fit accordingly to the fateful adventure of Christopher McCandless. Eddie Vedder used classic steel guitar, mandolin, banjo and other strings I can't decipher. My personal favorite is Society ".. I hope you're not lonely without me".

All tracks were written by Eddie Vedder, except where noted:

1. "Setting Forth" – 1:37
2. "No Ceiling" – 1:34
3. "Far Behind" – 2:15
4. "Rise" – 2:36
5. "Long Nights" – 2:31
6. "Tuolumne" – 1:00
7. "Hard Sun" (Indio) – 5:22
8. "Society" (Jerry Hannan) – 3:56
9. "The Wolf" – 1:32
10. "End of the Road" – 3:19
11. "Guaranteed" – 7:22

Oh, why did I post this? (Apart from being a fan). This is my first international 'on-line' transaction!

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