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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

KSC Glock 26C Mini Review

The 26C is a fictional mod for Glock 26 (the full auto function). A nice gun to hold and behold. As always, Glocks have that ergonomic design for the grips.

Easy to handle even for my fairly large hands. Using green gas, I was able to puncture the bottom of a soda can in 3 shots.

At 12 feet away, below is the result (I'm a lousy shooter).

I don't usually use the full auto function as I'm using a stronger gas. This pistol is a perfect back-up for my Steyr AUG.

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What gas are you using sir? Is it green?

BTW, nice review of the KSC g26c :)
kellecker, I'm using green gas right now. But I rarely use the full auto function. Thanks for dropping by!
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