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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Last Saturday night, I replaced some of the parts of my TM Steyr AUG A2. I acquired a tight bore barrel, new spring and o-ring for the piston head. The tight bore barrel is Mad Bull Black Python BP509 509mm (6.03 mm inner diameter). True to it's claim, grouping and range were improved. The PDI 260% spring added more power to my gun. And the o-ring sealed some airleaks. Come Sunday games, I was satisfied with the performance of my riffle.

Next upgrades would be the Guarder Infinite Torque-Up gear set and Half-teeth Polycarbonate Piston. Additionally, I'll have to procure a 9.6V NiMh battery set. Below is the picture of Mad Bull tight bore barrel (taken from their website).

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