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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Proxy and Everything After

User: Why am I experiencing delays with Yahoo Messenger?
BOFH: No. 1, Yahoo doesn't guarantee the timeliness of their service. No. 2, you are accessing it via the company's proxy server, expect some delays as the server is caching the traffic.
User: I can't accept that! I need real time access to YM! I want to chat with my... my... my...
BOFH: Your..?
User: .. my client!
BOFH: Real time access is not possible.
User: And why can't I access YouTube and Friendster? You are unreasonable!
BOFH: Don't tell me that you need to communicate with your client via friendster and youtube...
User: Gaaaahhhh!

BOFH goes back to check access logs.

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